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::Yes I am, Vega Sports Products::

Things are ramping up with longer bike rides and long Sunday trail runs, with that said I’ve been trying different fueling systems, gels, and recovery products. I’ve done multiple 5 hours plus rides with hitting the road with my running shoes right after without a hitch. Energy levels up and no major stomach issues. I’m really happy with my performance using these products and it will be my primary fueling for my Ironman St. George race.

At the end of October I was doing some reading about the ironman world championship and the ultra ironman championships and after much reading I came up with a very interesting person named Rich Roll. I’ve seen some articles about him in the past but got really interested when he shared a video about Vega Products. He is a Vegan and some how has figured out how to fuel himself to seriously compete. I have a lot of respect for this guy.

After seeing Vega products on the shelves at my local grocery store I figured I would give them a shot. With a bit more research found quite a lot of reviews, writes ups, and opinions about the products.

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer

Better with Veggies also had a few bits on what she thinks about their line of products. Be warned, the gels have a bit of texture which is a bit weird at first, as as far as the protein is concerned. I enjoy the bars more so then the powder. If you go with the powder I recommend the vanilla over the chocolate.

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Some other reviews:

A heavily viewed site called no meat athlete, has a pretty good review about the different products.

Over at j-tris.blogspot.com Josh Spector has been enjoying his Vega products as well.