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World Beard and Mustache Championships …what?!

I kinda missed the boat on Mustache March but by the looks of this it should be called Mustache May. If you around Anchorage, Alaska and huge into facial hair well the the World Beard and Mustache Championships are May 23, 2009. So that leaves less the 60 days til the big day. Its its 9th year it has happened and there are 17 different categories. This thing seems to be a big deal, parades, bbqs, and probably a lot more men then women. 5 days of events with it all ending on the Sunday.

I think my favorite has to be 2007 Full beard winner, Elmar Weisser. He stole the show in 2007 with his replica of London’s Tower Bridge. He has also taken top prize 2005, look for him in 2009.