::Whislter and Blackcomb, snow? ::

From Dec 21-23, I was up in Whistler at Club Intrawest in hopes of doing some large vertical skiing. It was blue bird but someone forgot the snow… locals saying its been over 3 weeks!

So I skied one da, got some good shots, and then used the hotel gym to keep me busy for the rest of the time. I have to admit the club was pretty awesome, special adult only section, a  fairly stacked workout room, fully stocked market, movie room, two pools and many hot tubs and the liquor store right across the street. What else do you need…oh right… snow! Dam it.

These tracks are about 3 weeks old...ouch!

Its a pretty cool feeling once you get to the top of Blackcomb, especially when its a clear day.

:: It was fun watching people trying to get thru this thing::

::Pretty quiet around the village::