Weekend Training camp :: Kelowna/ Penny

Ventured up to Kelowna for what would be my last race  before Ironman Canada.  July 16th was the Across the Lake Swim, a 2km race that goes across Okanagan Lake.  This year it was sold out, and thanks to the race organizer I was able to race due to “I thought I was signed up” issue.  Caps at 500 people with a 8am start from the Indian Reserve on the West side of the lake.  I had a small melt down in the morning because I found out in the morning I wasn’t in the race and had to get my butt down to City Park.  Got down to a full parking lot and missed my ride on the houseboat that take other side for the start.  Lucky we had time to get over to the other side with time a lot of time to spare.

Bag was full of "non race garbage" stuff.

5 wave start with 2 minute gaps between each one,  the slot that I got had a 3rd wave start.   5 minutes into the swim I started to reel in the second wave and by about 15-20 minutes, started to get some blue caps that started in the first wave.  The race is a straight swim which makes it pretty easy to spot were to go.   Was happy with my 25:14 finish, was hoping to get under 25 but still my fastest 2km swim yet.  I was first in the 55-65 age group which is also awesome, I think I was second in my actual age group with a 16th overall time, a lot of fast swimmers at this event!

Enjoyed the event, and there is also a pretty huge package with a towel, cap, water bottle and enough food product to get you through the weekend with out having to buy food.

From the Swim start. The old guy on the deck didn't lke me taking pictures. I hope he was in the 55-65 age group.


After a little nap I was hitting the streets for a 160km ride.  I decided to stick in Kelowna for weekend, since booking a single night in Penticton is a giant pain in the ass.  Bought a map at the Walmart and figured out a large loop  from the Westside of OK lake to Vernon, and then followed the Kelowna Grand Fondo route back.  (which was earlier that morning.)  Didn’t really enjoy much of this ride since the first 60km was on no shoulder road with step climbs and twists.  After that was done, some black cloud decided to follow me and shoot some lighting bolts down, followed by buckets of rain.  This happened twice on the 5 and a half hour rip, lucky it was warm out.



The main focus of this ride was to try and keep relaxed, and figure out some different fueling strategies.  I’ve been using mostly powerbar products mostly because the local grocery stores around here only carry them.  Been pretty happy with my energy levels on my big days and think I’ll be using their products on race day.  I am also trying out their Engergy Bites which will replace the clif bars that I have been using in the past.  I find the energy bites a bit easier on the taste buds and don’t dry up my mouth as much as the clif bar.

View from the back of the creeper at the camp site in Kelowna.We stayed at the former Waterslide Campground, no waterslides anymore so they changed their name...can't remember what it is though.


After my big Saturday, made it over to Penticton for a 25km run on a large section of course.  (the tough parts) and then hoped on my bike and rode the same 25km to give the legs one last pounding before the drive home.  Feeling good in the weeks ahead with a 360km workout week under my belt, with an eye on 400km this week.