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Week #9

Going into the 3rd cycle, fitness should be feeling pretty good.  Been  holding 12-15 hour weeks and being able to continue into week #9.  I personally have be trying to add a short core workout on the low volume days.  A simple 30-40 minute ab, push ups etc type stuff.

Should be feeling pretty good with almost 2 months of good hard training.  If one of the days you wake up tried or burnt out, move that Friday rest day around.  If you feeling good–throw in an extra cycle.


SWIM 0:50
500 Swim – 300 Pull-200 swim
4×50 build on 45 sec / 4×50 build / 4×50 all out on 45 seconds
200 pull
4×50 build on 45 sec / 4×50 all out on 45 sec.
500 easy pull / 200 swim
(optional)  RUN/ Stair workout  0:40
Depending on how the body feels after a solid weekend, if you want to keep pushing-go after this one the same as last week.  
1 mile track loop –hit the stairs with fast legs/ mix up sets of single/ double/ triple step sets-  Then finish off with 800 to stop the legs out.


BIKE 1:25  Tough bike set
10:00 easy spin, gradually increase effort to 65%
3 x (3.1mi / 5km / 9:00) @75% w/2:00 easy spin @ 60-65%)
3 x 3:00 ILT w/30 sec recovery spin after each
— each repeat is
3 x (20 sec one leg / 10 sec transition / 20 sec alt leg / 10 sec transition)
MAIN SET (Continued)
2 x (3.1mi / 5km / 9:00) @84% w/2:00 easy spin @ 60-65%)
spin easy @85 rpm, bringing your HR back under 60% by the end
RUN 0:55
This is a good time to follow an aerobic ride with a run that will stay aerobic as well. Even if you have to put this in later in the day, hold your HR right at 75% for the bulk of the run, allowing enough time to cool down completely by the end.


SWIM 1:00  
200 Swim – 200 Kick – 200 Pull – 200 Swim
— 2nd Swim faster than the first
8 x 50 (25 easy / 25 fast) w/10 sec rest
5 x 400 w/30 sec rest after each
 Descend the set: #1 & 2 @75%; #3 @80%; #4 @85-90%; #5 @90+%
try to keep your stroke count as even as possible throughout the set
as you tire, concentrate on holding proper technique, especially in your turns/pushoffs
4 x 75 easy (@60%) w/15 sec recovery after each
BIKE 1:15 
Keep the intensity low today no matter how good you may feel. Save it for tomorrow.
20:00 warm up spin, gradually bringing your HR up to 70% (no higher)
3 x 3:00 ILT w/30 sec recovery after each
— each repeat should be
3 x (20 sec one leg / 10 sec transition / 20 sec other leg / 10 sec transition)
Aerobic Time Trials:
3 x (3.1mi / 5km / 9:00) @75% w/2:00 recovery in between
12:00 cool down spin, holding your HR at 70% at first, then bringing it back down under 60% by the end. It should be relatively easy to keep your HR under control throughout today’s easy efforts.


SWIM 0:45
600 — every 4th 25 kick (no board) / 400 Pull
10 x 150 (50 freestyle @75% – 50 choice @60% – 50 freestyle @85+%)
w/ 20 sec rest after each
500 Pull @ 75%; even stroke count and perfect technique
RUN 1:10  Toughest run set
Today’s big target workout contains slightly higher intensity than last time, which is helping us progress towards the Competitive Season.
10:00 warm up jog
Intermediate set:
4 x (100m or 20 sec build up / 100m or 40 sec recovery jog)
— no additional rest between sets
3 sets of:
(1200m @84% – 200m easy jog — 400m @84% – 400m easy jog)
At the end, jog easy and cool down completely. Allow yourself a couple of minutes to walk at the end. This is the first time on the run we have asked you to raise your HR up this high so you may experience some soreness tomorrow. Do a little extra stretching, drink extra water and get a little extra sleep if you can.

Friday Take the day off your feet, relax and regroup before tomorrow.  If your feeling good.  Sneak in a 0:40 spin just to get the legs ready for the weekend.


SWIM 1:00  (do this first thing)


200 swim 200 pull 200 swim 200 paddle 200 swim


10×50 kick /  4×500 75 percent  – alt swim/ pull   — just doing distance.


200 swim

BIKE 2:40

20:00 warm up spin, using a gearing pyramid to get into it slowly.
Aerobic Set:
This is designed to add some aerobic “bulk” to today’s session — do it at the suggested intensities, and get ready for the main set.
4 x 8:00 @75% with 2:00 @60% recovery
This set is described in terms of time; if you have a CompuTrainer, or if your cyclometer is driven off your rear wheel, then you can substitute the distances (in parenthesis below) for the time. Be sure to record your times and average HR’s for future comparisons.
This set is a little tougher than last time around (March 8), but not too different in nature. It’s time to start preparing your body for the efforts you’ll have to put forth during the Competitive Season.
2 x (5.0mi / 8km / 15:00) time trial @75% w/1:00 recovery btwn 60-70%
Intermediate Set:
During this set your HR intensity should bridge the gap from 75% up to 84%, getting your body ready for some higher quality, high intensity work.
4 x 20 sec fast spinning (120 rpm) w/40 sec recovery spinning (90 rpm) after each – continuous
2 x (5.0mi / 8km / 13:30) time trial @84% w/2:30 recovery btwn 60-70%
Continuous spinning until your HR is back under 60%. Adjust your gearing such that your cadence remains at roughly 90 rpm through the end of the session. That’s it for today — Great job
Run 0:40  – Do this on the treadmill and the first 3 miles at 1 to 2 percent incline.
Brick this guy hold half iron pace for 3 miles (sub 7 mile) then hold on for 2-3 more miles after the first three.  
BIKE 0:40  (optional if you feel like there is a bit left in the tank)
Jump back on the back for some light spin

Hopefully you’ve been handling the increase in hours and intensity thus far. Hard workouts will soon take on a much more anaerobic flavor for the most part. Get psyched to get fast!

BIKE 0:50 Jump back on the back for some light spin to set up for the run

RUN 1:20
Total aerobic effort. Be sure to keep your HR below 70%. This should feel more like a recovery run than an aerobic workout. Go as easy as you need to in order to accomplish this. Remember, if you feel beat after a recovery session, then you went too hard or too long.
BIKE 0:50
Spin out after your run, flushing your legs out with fresh blood. The intensity level here should be at 50-60% and your RPMs at 90-100.