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Week # 15

Week # 15

I won’t be doing this very often but with a fairly important  running race coming up in a month I really want to use these next two weeks to focus on some extra running.  I’ll lower the biking volume to make sure the running gets done.  I will also give the cycling legs a well deserved break after a very solid training on the bike since the new year.  


SWIM 0:45
1200 easy swim- make sure you fit in at lease 400 kick
4 x 400 . Holding 75%
500 paddle cool down.
RUN 0:50
This is recommended for after work, to spin out the legs from a good weekend.  I’m really finding active recovery is a great tool, but also squeezes some extra biking miles.


SWIM 0:45
WARM UP (toughest swim set)
6 x 150 continuous, alternating Swim (#1 & 4) – Kick (#2 & 5) – Pull (#3 & 6)
3 x 300 w/30 sec recovery
#1 @80-85%
#2 @85-90%
#3 @90+%
600 Pull @70%
— use perfect technique and minimize your stroke count
RUN 0:40
Did a bit of reading on how a few people were able to get their running times down, for the next 2 weeks I will try a few new things to change it up and keep it interesting.
This run will be pretty basic, a solid medium sized bulk effort at Half Ironman pace.  Warm up with a 1.5 mile pacing – 7:30-7:15 per mile (this is on a treadmill) at one degree slope
3 miles like so: first mile 6:40/ second 6:30/ and then push the last one @ 6:00
Once you hit 4.5 miles, cool it down to 5.5 miles slowly bring pace down with each .25/or 400ms.


RUN 0:40
15:00 warm up jog, allowing your body to slowly get up to 60-65% by the end.
2 x 7:00 steady tempo run @70-75% intensity w/3:00 recovery jogging @60% in between
– focus on holding proper running form
Bring your HR back down to 60% with 5:00 remaining & 50% by the end.
BIKE 1:00 (toughest bike set)
10:00 getting your HR up to 60% — straight into
5 x 20 sec fast spinning (100+ rpm cadence) w/40 sec recovery spin @90 rpm
We’re going to play around with this set a bit, asking your legs to recruit different muscle fibres by adjusting your cadence in the middle of each repeat. Forcing this adjustment serves two purposes: it simulates real riding more closely, and it helps promote pedaling efficiency. It’s tougher, for sure — have fun with it!
2 x 10:00 @84-92% w/10:00 @60-70% after each
each 10:00 repeat should be done as follows:
– 2:00 @85-90 rpm (hard gear)
here’s where you adjust your gearing (6:00 total)
– 4 x (30 sec @95-100 rpm — 10 sec @105-110 rpm — 50 sec @85-90 rpm)
– 2:00 @85-90 rpm (hard gear)
Continue spinning @~100 rpm, bringing your HR back down gradually to 60% with 5:00 left, and finally below 50% by the end.


SWIM 1:00
800 Swim – every 4th lap Kick
12 x 100 w/15 sec rest
alternate 2 Swim – 2 Choice – 2 Pull w/Paddles (twice through)
4 x 75 w/10 sec rest
– each 75 is (25 moderate freestyle – 25 choice – 25 fast freestyle)
600 easy swim, minimizing your stroke count
RUN 0:50 (toughest run set)
Standard track workout format — use the suggested times only if you can’t get to a track.
15:00 easy jog, gradually raising your HR to 70%
– finish with 1-2 laps of accelerated running down the straightaways to get you ready for the main set:
This set totals slightly less than 5km and should be done at a relatively high intensity. Challenge yourself to push toward faster times — this is where progress is made!
4 x (1200m / 5:00) w/(400m / 2:00) easy jog after each
– use #1 to elevate your HR up close to 84% by the end
– #2, 3, & 4 should be hard efforts within the 84-92% AT zone
Jog easy @60% or below to the end — walk 2-3:00 to complete your cool down


SWIM 0:45
400 easy swim
3 x 200 (50 Kick – 25 Right Arm – 25 Left Arm – 100 Swim) w/20 sec rest
– concentrate on maintaining a low stroke count per length
for the final 100 Swim
4 x 100 IM w/10 sec rest
6 x 50 Swim (25 easy – 25 fast) w/5 sec rest
300 easy swim
RUN 0:45
Nothing crazy here just some extra miles.  
1 mile warm up get pacing into 7:00 per mile
Just hold ironman marathon pace at that 7:00-7:10 mile and then cool to a walk.


Saturday, 6/14

BIKE 3:30
You should still be scheduling all of your longer weekend rides outdoors, weather permitting. In fact, if the weather is poor on Saturday and the forecast calls for improved weather on Sunday, then we’d recommend that you switch the two days to enable you to get some long “road time”.

Sunday, 6/15

RUN 1:10
You might find it helpful to mentally break this run into 35:00 chunks. I always find that to be more manageable than a full hour, for some reason, and it helps maintain the focus throughout this longer duration.
Spend the first 20:00 getting into it, watching your HR slowly get above 60%
2 x 20:00 @75% w/5:00 @60-65% in between
BIKE 0:30
Immediately after the run…hold the intensity @70-75%
RUN 0:50
I’m going to ask you to really challenge yourself here — time to up the tempo and close out your week with a bang. Remember, you’ve got tomorrow off, so go out there and make this a strong effort.

You’ll be starting with a fast tempo right out of the blocks:

2 x 15:00 above 80% w/10:00 @60% after each