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Week # 14

Week #14.  After a pretty big week last week doing some course recon in Couer D’alene, I’ll dial this week down a bit.  I will also use this as a test week to see what needs to be adjusted with about 2 months til first tri race of the year.  This will provide enough time to make those adjustments and make some gains.

The tests are in bold.


Take the day off here. 


SWIM 1:00  (use this set to get some race start speed)
1000 mixed warm up–paddles, kick etc
28 x 50’s w/10 sec rest after each  (on 50)
#1-4: Descend from 60% – 85%
100 Swim – 100 Kick – 100 Pull – 100 Swim
BIKE 1:20
20 minutes of regular spinning-slowly increase intensity
4 x 20 sec relaxed “bursts” of speed w/40 sec easy @100rpm after each
You can substitute a pre-determined distance rather than the designated time interval to help you gauge your future progress. By focusing on the 84-92% intensity zone, this set is designed to tax your Anaerobic Threshold (AT) energy system.
2x10km hard sessions.  With my new trainer-these sessions will be about 20 minutes each.
Continue spinning, bringing your HR down slowly until it’s under 50% by the end


RUN 1:05
20:00 gradual warm up, bringing your HR up to 60% by 10:00 and 70% by 20:00
Slide in 3 miles of hard tempo- total time should be about 20 minutes-throw a 4th in there if ur feeling good and fresh.
– focus on keeping your HR under control the entire time
Finish with:
Cool down with the remaining miles
BIKE 1:35
20:00 spinning @95rpm
Use a gearing pyramid to gradually raise your HR up to 65-70%
3 x 3:00 Isolated Leg Training w/30 sec recovery after each
Moderate intensity set — hold your HR under 75% throughout.
3 x (5.0mi / 8km / 14:30) @70-75% w/2:30 easy spinning
– hold 90-95rpm cadence throughout
Spin easy (small chain ring) @100+rpm,

allowing your HR to return to 50% for the final few minutes.


SWIM 1:00  (swim test day!)
1200 mixed swim  – do it in 400’s — 400 swim /400 paddles /400 kick
4×500 — keep the times for each 500 and have 20 seconds rest b’w each one
400 mixed paddles and swim
RUN :50  
We’re continuing to tax your anaerobic threshold (AT) with longer intervals in the 84-92% intensity range. This set was designed to be performed at the track, but feel free to use the duration’s as guidance if you’re out on the road instead.
15:00 easy jog, gradually raising your HR to 70%
6 x In & Out 100’s
8 x (600m) @84-92% w/(200m / easy) easy jog after each
Go straight into your cool down, bringing your HR back
under 50% during the final 2-3:00.

Friday, 5

SWIM 0:45
200 Swim, then
16 x 25 w/5 sec rest after each
– alternate (4x thru): 1 Kick, 2 Swim, 1 IM order
20 x 75 @70-75% w/10 sec rest
odds: (50 free – 25 kick)
evens: (25 free – 25 choice – 25 free)
400 Pull @70%

Another “Saturday triple”. The run and swim can be scheduled together at the pool (by water running) — both are still to be done at very low intensities.

BIKE 3:30
This is far too long to be done indoors, and we suggest you perform this outside if at all possible. (If the weather is poor on Saturday, it’s always fine to switch the Saturday ride/run with the Sunday run/ride. Keep the swim on Saturday in these cases.) Here is the indoor alternative if you’re stuck in this situation:
20:00 easy spin @90-95rpm, gradually raising your HR to 65-70%
3 x 3:00 Isolated Leg Training w/30 sec recovery after each
Begin with some aerobic “bulk”:
2 x (6.2mi / 10km / 18:30) @75% w/1:30 @60-65% after each
This drill will help recruit different types of muscle fibres
and act as an intermediate set as well:
4 x 4:30 Variable Gearing set w/30 sec recovery
— every repeat should be as follows:
3 x thru the following:
40 sec in “medium” gear;
20 sec in “easy” gear;
30 sec in “hard” gear
2 x 20:00 w/10:00 easy @90rpm / 60-70% after each
– #1 @75%
– #2 @84+%
Continue spinning @90rpm, bringing your HR back under 60%, then 50% before finishing.
RUN 0:50
This week we’ll go straight outside and bump up the
intensity right away. Spend the first 5:00 @80-85%,
simulating the feeling of getting out of the transition area.
Then bring the intensity back down to 75% for the duration.


RUN :40

I’ll set this test up with search for a 10km race/ If there is one this week find one for next week
This run is broken into shorter tempo runs to help you develop a sense of pace for a longer run. Concentrate on holding proper running form throughout — efficiency is key!
I’ll be going after this race to see where things are at in terms of making sure everything is on track.  I’ll be doing a half marathon in 4 weeks time, so this should give me some indaction of what to expect for the first half of the race.
 10 km race pace (test!)Looking to go 36-37 range…haven’t done the course before and looks to be a bit of a roller so hoping not less then a 37.
BIKE 1:00
Immediately after the run, if possible.
Total recovery spin holding your intensity below 65% & @90-95rpm
RUN 1:00
This will be an easy run, legs might feel a bit shattered but just keep good form. They and hit this right after the bike, trail run might be a nice change to stomp this one out on.  Keep the intensity low.  Keep that heart rate low, even if it means walking.