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Week # 13

Competitive Season
Week 13– Turning the dial into the Spring and getting sharp for race season.

Monday (easy day at the pool) –This week is a training camp week for me/ heading up to Couer D’alene to run the course.  I’ll write out what I’ll be doing which will a heavy weekend.  I’ll also include alternative workouts.

SWIM 0:45
3 sets of (100 Swim – 100 Kick – 100 Pull) – continuous
10 x 100 @60-65% w/10 sec rest
odds: choice, evens: freestyle
400 Pull – concentrate on holding proper form
BIKE 1:10 (I’ll try and get this bike in before Tuesday–u can do this one or just get ready for Tuesdays ride. You can also use this workout instead of Tuesdays session.)
First day of serious interval work geared toward racing. We’re following a program we call the Aussie Bike Plan.
Give yourself about 15:00 to get into it, letting your HR rise gradually to 65-70%
5 x 20 sec relaxed “bursts” of speed w/1:40 easy @100rpm after each
You can substitute a pre-determined distance rather than the designated time interval to help you gauge your future progress. Focus on getting your HR into the suggested intensity zone and holding it there during these tough intervals. This first set in the program is designed to tax your Anaerobic Threshold (AT) energy system.

CompuTrainer users: Program a course that you can cover in the designated time period; you also might find it easier to achieve these higher HR intensities if you include some sections where the grade is slightly uphill, such as +0.4-0.7%. Just be careful not to overstress your knees!

2 x 15:00 @84-92% w/10:00 easy spinning @60-70% in between
Continue spinning, bringing your HR down slowly until it’s under 50% by the end


Tuesday (I’ll try and get this swim in before I hit the rode.–I won’t be doing the bike.)

SWIM 0:45
200 Swim – 200 Kick – 200 Pull
6 x 50 w/10 sec rest – build up each 50 to race pace during the last 10 yards
6 sets of the following:
– 150 Swim @90% – 15 sec rest
– 50 Fast! (could be non-free) – straight into:
– 50 recovery
– 5-10 sec rest (begin next set at the next 5 sec increment on the pace clock)
5 x 100 w/10 sec rest — middle 50 Choice
BIKE 1:20  (I’ll be on the rode)
This is the fifth day in a row of riding, and you should be feeling pretty solid on your bike right now. Stick to the suggested intensities carefully.
20:00 gearing pyramid
— 6:00 @50% – 5:00 @60% – 5:00 @65% – 4:00 @70%
2 x 3:00 Isolated Leg Training w/30 sec recovery spin after each
— each repeat is
3 x (20 sec one leg / 10 sec transition / 20 sec alt leg / 10 sec transition)
Aerobic interval set:
4 x (3.1mi / 5km / 9:30) @75% w/1:30 recovery @60-65% after each
spin at 90rpm, bringing the intensity under 60% by the end


BIKE 2:00 plus –  get out and get 60 plus of the bike leg.  Go out 30kms and come back–then quickly get the shoes on, use it as transition practice/ quick on and off.

RUN 1:00-  Find a section of the run course and just get the legs loose and ready for the rest of the week.


RUN 1:00(alternate-run)
20:00 gradual warm up, bringing your HR up to 60% by 10:00 and 70% by 20:00
30:00 steady tempo run @70-75% intensity throughout
– focus on keeping your HR under control the entire time
Bring your HR back down gradually, to 60% with 5:00 remaining down to 50% by the end.
BIKE 1:25 (alternate ride-)
10:00 spinning @95rpm gradually raising your HR up to 65-70%
4 x 3:00 Isolated Leg Training w/30 sec recovery after each
Moderate intensity set — hold your HR under 75% throughout.
6 x 7:00 @70-75% w/1:00 easy spinning – hold 90-95rpm cadence throughout
Spin easy (small chain ring) @100+rpm,

allowing your HR to return to 50% for the final few minutes.


SWIM 1:00  (I’ll find a pool and use this workout)
Begin @50-60%, add more effort as the warmup progresses, to 75% by the end.
400 Swim – 300 Kick – 300 Pull – 200 IM
Keep your stroke count even throughout the set.
3 x 600 w/30 sec rest
#1 Swim @70%
#2 Pull (with Paddles ok) @75%
#3 Swim @80%
8 x (25 Kick – 25 Swim/Choice) w/10 sec rest
RUN 0:50
This workout is particularly suited for running at a track. If you don’t have access to one, use the time durations provided for guidance .
10:00 easy jog, gradually raising your HR to 70%
4 x (100m / 20 sec) run ups w/(100m / 40 sec) easy jogging
2 x (2000m / 8:00) @84-92% w/(800m / 5:00) easy jog after each
Jog easy @60% or below to the end.


SWIM 0:45
3 sets of (100 Swim – 100 Kick – 100 Pull) – continuous
10 x 100 @60-65% w/10 sec rest
odds: choice, evens: freestyle
400 Pull – concentrate on holding proper form

This is the first scheduled “Saturday triple”. Notice that the run and swim can be scheduled together at the pool (by water running), and that both are to be done at very low intensities.

BIKE 2:50
An outdoor ride is preferable, but if the weather isn’t cooperating you can follow this indoor alternative:
20:00 easy spin @90-95rpm, gradually raising your HR to 70%
4 x 3:00 Isolated Leg Training w/30 sec recovery after each
This set gets progressively more difficult, and adds up to 30% of the Ironman bike leg.
1 x (11.2mi / 33:00) @70-75% w/5:00 @60-65% / 90rpm recovery
2 x (5.6mi / 16:30) @75-80% w/5:00 @60-65% / 90rpm after each
4 x (2.8mi / 8:00) @80-84% w/2:00 @60-65% / 90rpm after each
Continue spinning @90rpm for at least 15:00, bringing your HR back under 60%, then 50% before finishing. (2:15-2:30 total)
RUN 0:40
Very quick transition and blast out the door at 10K pace for the first 5:00 before settling down to 75% for the next 25:00. Cool down below 60% for the final 10:00

The purpose of this approach is to “shock” your legs into realizing they need to adapt quickly from one sport to the next.

SWIM 0:30
400 Swim
5 x 200 w/20 sec rest after each
odds: 200 Side Kick drill
evens: 200 as 2 x (25 right arm – 25 left arm – 50 regular Swim)
200 easy

As a change of pace we’ll switch the order of events today: cycling first before running outdoors (don’t switch if the weather is cold — wouldn’t want you to catch a chill out there).

BIKE 0:45
Spin easy for 20:00, gradually bringing your HR up to 60% after 10:00, then 70% by the end
4 x 4:30 Variable Gearing set w/30 sec recovery
— every repeat should be as follows:
3 x thru the following:
40 sec in “medium” gear;
20 sec in “easy” gear;
30 sec in “hard” gear
Continue spinning @75% to the end, before hopping off your bike & into a quick transition to your run gear.
RUN 1:50
This is a controlled aerobic effort, as follows:
15:00 getting loose, getting your HR up to 60, and then 70%.
You don’t want to go higher than this during your long weekend runs — we need to differentiate between harder aerobic runs at 75% and lower intensity LSD efforts below 70%.
Hold your HR at or below 70% for the next 1:00, concentrating on keeping your body relaxed and staying light on your feet. Hold your stride count to 90-95 spm when the terrain allows.
At the 1:20 mark, push the intensity up to 75-84% for 20:00
Cool down the final 10:00 getting your HR below 60% by the end.