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Washington training session

Weekend in Washington. Fresh routes and fresher photos.

Down at the docks Anacortes, Wash

The long ride on Saturday was good with cool temps. Fun day out on the bike, I headed out early so the traffic wasn’t too bad, but it didn’t seem to matter because the shoulders were so nice and wide. Hit the ocean and turned around and came back. After the ride, threw on the shoes and ran into town and back for a good little brick run.  Then finally finished up with a short swim in the ocean.
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The longer run Sunday that was pretty scenic then jumped on the bike and did a similar ride to the run but lengthened it out a bit longer, few more loops and riding around town.
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Super huge gas plant just across the bay

The light in this photo make it one of my favorites from the weekend

Road goes straight to the campsite

Trailer of the week