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::Vancouver Fall Classic::

Sunday morning came a little quick and luckily I wasn’t racing because I was late getting up! Jumped in my truck and headed down to UBC for the Vancouver Fall Classic. They call it the last great run of the year and that is probably true, but with it being at the end of the year its also always cold. I remember last year when everyone was worried about snow and cold, this year, it was just about the cold.

First Loop for the Double Loopers on half marathon

I had a few people I knew going after this race with hopes of getting there Spring Marathon training off in a straight line. I always found this race tough to get up for with the darkness, cold and just overall winter feel around the race and with those conditions not many people spectators turn out either.

About 1500 people in total brave the cold to challenge themselves to set new personal bests or just to keep there running going through the New Year.   Its been the same looped course for as long as I can remember and has grown on me over the years.  It shares some of the same track for the bike on half iron race in the summer.

New Balance has a lot to do with this race and carries the reputation of having some of the best race gear that comes with your sign up. I’ve always enjoyed what I received from doing this race, in previous years you could select from different items, which I thought was pretty unique and a great idea.  So if your looking to extend your racing season and want to squeak out one more race before the new year, it doesn’t get any better then the fall classic.

Coming through the court yard for the last lap. About 2km to the first line.

Roasting in at 1:26...Few more minutes before the 10km racers come through.

Race results here