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TV for Free, well almost

Looking back at how computers have changed my lifestyle and how it has shaped how I do things, has made me realize how powerful  they are.  Hook the computer up to the internet and you can waste your whole day.  I don’t have cable or satellite or anything like that because I feel all the entertainment can come at you through your computer.  You can watch news, up to date  TV shows (legally) right off network websites.

Gobal TV (Canada) has links to National and local news casts as well as TV programing.  You can watch most of your favorite shows, streaming right from the site.  The office, 24, SNL, all can be viewed from their site.

Showcase a popular channel here in Canada has some original content that is very good and all can be view from their site.

Slice is another that is under the same hat as showcase, and has a huge list of programming.

HDTV is a channel I have spent a few hours viewing,  has a lot of its on air programming right on site as well.

All these channels are part of canada.com television network.  If you look in the top right corner of each of these pages you will see a whole list of other channels/sites that will carry online programming.

CBC, and TSN will carry hockey games Saturday  and Wednesday night between the two of them.    Both these channels also do special programming, CBC  had 9 different channels that they had just for the summer olypmics.

Who needs cable when you have access like this?–Now you can take this even further with RIM’s blackberry smart phones and Apples iphone to name a few.  But that for another day.