::Training with Brooks running shoes::

Been grinding it out for the last 3 weeks on getting myself ready for August 28th.  The long journey to Ironman Canada started way back around February after I finished up my Marathon in New Orleans.  Its amazing how much the body can progress after a year.  I used the winter to get my marathon time battered down but also slaved a lot of my winter riding in the basement watching tv.  So on the theme of progression, I have also been trying out different types of shoes.  Wanting to get a bit more out of my run, and just out of pure boredom of regular running.  I thought I would doing a bit of looking around for my feet.  Constantly looking for new routes and new areas to run, I thought I would let my feet in on some new things as well.

::Brooks Adrenaline number 9:: I have two pairs of this same shoe...I hate buying the same thing twice...

I’ve been running in a brooks shoe for about three years, and haven’t even considered switching shoes.  I’ve primarily been trucking in adrenaline shoe since I believe #7.  I bought my second pair of #10’s at Christmas of this year and I think they are on #11 now.  This shoe has been my race and training shoe…but not for long!

::Adrenaline number 10:: not worn yet, but do have another dirty pair...once again...

I get a little tired of dealing with traffic, traffic lights, junkies, shit drivers, old people in their scooters, and  lazy people in their scooters taking up the walkways soo….I’ve been mixing some trail running.  I was using an old pair of Adrenaline number 7’s on the trail but after a few longer runs, I wanted to see how much of a difference a trail shoe would make.  Obviously I stuck with the brooks, and heard nothing bad about the Cascadia shoe.  Naturally I went out, bought it, and took it out for a 1 hour run along the river.  It was like night and day, gripping and more command on the trail was amazing.  I did find this shoe a little heavy but something I could deal with.  It probably didn’t help that I was running in the Green Silence the day before.

::my Cascadia trail blazer:: Trying to be my favorite...probably will be in winter.

With all this hype of barefoot running and minimal shoe design I decided to give the Green Silence a go.  The first run in this shoe was done at the track and man I felt like I was flying.  Super light,  like I didn’t have a shoe on my foot.  With that said, my arch could tell as well.  I’ve been having some arch swelling for a few months now and the first run in this shoe made me feel it a little more in the morning.

I have since ran in this shoe 20 plus kms and enjoyed the light design.  I am sitting on the face about using this shoe for more then a half marathon race, but thinking about using it for my marathon at IMC.  I’ll probably with decide a few days before and see how the arch feels.  I have been running in this shoe almost 2-3 times a week, trying to get my feet use to the minimal design.  Any questions…ok good.

::These are my favorite, they come stock in Green and Black but you can order a few different colours. Such as this red and royal blue.::