Bridal Falls and a bit of Harrison

Another busy weekend with the big days getting longer and a bit tougher after a 20 hours this week…  I’ve been trying to come up with new and fresh training routes to keep me motivated and interested.  After last  weekends trip to Penticton I needed a bit more then an Abbotsford training session.  Ended up spending a lot of time up around Harrison and Bridal Falls.

Bike route below.  Started in Abbotsford met up with my folks for Breakfeast in Bridal Falls and then rode home.  Ended up hitting 125km.  Little windy on the way home but all around solid ride.

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Here is the map of my Run Sunday morning. Roughly 24km with a interesting bridge crossing…no side walk. Then did a quick swim in Harrison to round off the weekend. Amazing weather made this weekend a great and enjoyable training session and already looking forward to the next few weeks ahead.

Future plans, include a ride up Mount Baker, a training camp in Deception Pass in Washington, and then a 5km open water race on the 8th. Feeling good and kinda enjoying the beating.

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guy on twitter had this bad boy up…old lance is in the white shirt.