The lead up to Ironman CDA 2014

While in a pretty dark place trying to race the run leg at 70.3 Boise, Ironman Couer D’alene was something I was not looking forward to.  After two straight 70.3s with a sub bar result, I wasn’t sure how my mental state would be leading into this weekend.


Boise finish Line. I didn’t have chocolate milk.

Boise was a cool even for me, and it had nothing to do with the race.  The race was shit, coming off huge week, the week before.  It was the first real team Every Man Jack race for me.   We rented a house and three of us stayed together with another 3 other racing.  I had teammates to bounce things off , get advice from and just pure enjoy the elements of being on a team.  Just like old times back in University swim days.

After finishing Boise with not much but questions about how to go about the next 3 weeks,  one of the biggest advantage of a team setting is asking for some insight from other members.  What they have experienced, what sort of things they would do, what issues they have had…stuff like that.  There are serious racers and serious exercised athletes with a massive library of racing history behind all the members.  It a great resource and one that I feel has gotten me ready for this weekend.

Sag Saved our weekend.

Sag Saved our weekend.

The big issue was, I was having a tough time wrapping my head around going after another ironman after an already busy year.  After a good 2.5 weeks with almost a full week off, I am ready.  My training has never been faster, and once I get to Couer D’ alene, I’ll let everything settle into place. Aggressively relaxed, makes sense right?

From the being of the year I have had my goal time sitting in front of me.  I’m looking at a 9:25 just as I am typing.  A 53-54 minute swim, 5:10 bike leg, and a tough 3:15 run.  Last years race was the first time racing CDA and was hoping for the 9:30’s.  This year I believe the 9:30’s is a good race for me, 9:20’s will be a great race.  If I stay focused and don’t have any issue with equipment or weather, I think its very possible.  I’m not sure if that will get me any near close to a Kona spot going off last years 9:10-15s but l’ll be happy if I can put a solid 3 together. Anything under 9:50 is a PR on that course.

I had to really go back to the start of when I decided to do this sport and how much drive and focus I had.  The energy and just plain scariness of the distance.  I love that part.  I trained a long time to get to this Sunday and its meant to be the fastest and longest day of the year, well its 4 sleeps away.  #1504

///////Rusty had some good advice for my race walking at the end of my 70.3////

Pretty powerful little intro, helps put things in perspective.

There will be a smaller group of Every Man Jack athletes at this race but it will be a blast!