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::The Attack of 2012::

::Quiet day out on the road::

I’m really looking forward to 2012, with hopes of making some larger strides towards a sub 10 @ Ironman Canada with a hopeful Kona ticket attached.  2011s off season was mainly focused on getting my running faster while trying to find a passion for cycling.  The season started off great with my half marathon coming down about 3-4 minutes in 3 months and by feburary my marathon time got under 3 hours in New Orleans.  I started to finally enjoy cycling once I got out of my basement and was pumped once Spring Finally came around.

Once Triathlon season start I had some good races but I just couldn’t get all three to work together in one race.  My ironman ended in  disappointing fashion with a marathon slower then 2010 with a plan of just finishing.  After all of the off season running and I sh*t the bed…so to try and finish off the year well I went out to Victoria to make 2011 end a little better.

Most of my triathlon racing for 2012 will be on the Subaru Western Triathlon series with the first race May 27th at  Shawnigan Lake.   Second  Victoria on June 17th, and Vancouver on July 8th, and then using these races to see how I line up for my 3rd Ironman Distance at Ironman Canada at the end of August.

Running in 2012 will start  across the line in Bellingham @ Lake Samish on Januray 8th.   I am still in the works of finding a spot to race in Feb or March, with one last half marathon race @ BMO Vancouver on their new course in May before Ironman.  Then probably another ferry ride to Victoria on Thanksgiving for a half marathon.


2011 I did two swimming races at the 2km distance and hope to get both of them in in 2012.  The first was July 1st at Sasamat Lake put on by VOWSA, and the second and probably one of my favorite events in the summer ,The Interior Saving Across the Lake swim in Kelowna.

A lot of this year winter and spring months will be spent riding the bike.  I haven’t looked at any Fondos yet, but there are a lot more to choose from this coming year with two new ones just in the Lower Mainland alone.  Valley and Misson, with both looking pretty good.

Should be a good year with a lot to learn and a lot of fun.