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Tattoos and Electric Ladyland

Just finished up the outline

While on my visit to New Orleans, I decided  to extend the pain and get tattooed after my race.   I fought with ideas for a while and then went with NO, with an iron work design that you see all over the city on houses and the Quarter.   I had Terry Brown @ Electric Ladyland draw it up on the Saturday, and then I went down and got it done on Monday Night.

I wanted to start pulling everything together into,  the iron work design on either side of the NO  was done to do just that.   I gave Terry a few drawings and pictures for him to work off and away he went.

The main section, really like the old school font.

Mergin from old to new.


Electric Ladyland sits on French Street right on the rim of the French Quarter, apparently they don’t allow shops in the quarter which seemed a bit odd.  I was happy with the whole process, great group that works there and felt like I was in a very professional environment.  I would not hesitate to go back.

Wrapped it right into, and centered it with my IMC ironman ink. Placed the stencil on a angle from the inner arm to the forearm.