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:: Tapering in the Sun::

Here are some shots from the the last week.  Trying to enjoy some of the extra free time, as well as shots the day before IMC sunday morning.  Got all my packages ready to go and tackle the course.  Doesn’t look little there will be any surpise rain or hail this year.  Should be a great day.  7 am start with hopes of a sub 10 day.  Hopefully the heat won’t wear me down too much.

::Amazing night for a ski::


::Did some visiting at a cabin up the lake, could handle waking up to a place like this::

::Last weekend on Pitt Lake::

Everyones gear getting all a line for tomorrows start. It’s going to be a sunny and hot tomorrow.

::if I have as much dedication as this couple, I should be fine tomorrow::

::a lot of $$$ on bikes in one spot::

::bags are getting lined up for tomorrows big race::