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TAPER week # 25


First week of a two-week taper. There is still some work to be done, but also make sure you take advantage of the reduced hours to get more rest.

With work ramping up I am not going to worry about getting in both workouts.  I’ll pick on and do it and if I feel rested or have the time I’ll do the second workout.  I’ve found in the past that I wasnt rested for race day if a continue the double workouts and high volumes.


I’ll do Tuesdays swim here if I feel good Monday morning.


SWIM 0:45
800 Swim (every 4th 25 is IM Order);
so the last lap of the first 100 is fly; the last lap of the second 100 is back; etc.
3 x 400 @ 60-70% with :30 rest
#1 Swim
#2 Pull
#3 Swim
8 x 50 w/:10 total recovery
BIKE 1:15
10:00 getting your HR up to 70% — straight into
5 x 20 sec fast spinning (100+ rpm cadence) w/40 sec recovery spin @90 rpm; then spin easy for several minutes
Some hard work still needs to be done to keep you sharp for racing.
Complete three sets of the following:
11:00 @ 80-88%
5:00 easy spin @ 65%
Get your HR into the zone as quickly as you can, but be sure to hold an even effort or increase your effort within each repeat. You want to push hard, but also make sure you finish the set with a lot of energy left over.
The purpose of the set is to keep your legs sharp without breaking you down too much.
Gradually slow down to 60% with 10:00 left, and finally below 50% by the end.


RUN 0:50
10:00 warm up jog, allowing your body to slowly get up to 65-70% by the end.
After warming up, hold your HR at 70-75% for the middle 30 minutes.
Cooldown the final 10:00 by bringing your HR below 60%.
BIKE 1:00
10:00 spinning @90-95rpm
– get your HR up to 65+% by the end.
Hold the middle 40:00 @ 70-75%. Stay in the aero position the entire time if possible and be sure to keep your HR in the proper zone.
Keep your cadence above 80rpm on any uphills and spin out the downhills at 100rpm. Always keep pedaling.
Spin easy in your small chain ring @95+rpm the final 10 minutes below 60% allowing your HR to return to 50% for the final few minutes.


SWIM 0:45
200 Swim – 200 Kick – 200 Pull – 200 Swim
20 x 25 with :10 rest
in groups of 4, do
25 moderate
25 easy
25 Kick moderate
25 IM order
600 Swim
– keep your HR @ 70% and work on perfect technique
RUN 1:00
Last speed session of the taper. Make the most of it.
10:00 easy jog, gradually raising your HR to 70%
– finish with 1-2 laps of accelerated running down the straightaways to get you ready for the main set:
Complete 6 sets of the following:
800m @ 80-92%
400m recovery jog @ 65%
For each 800m repeat, hold a consistent pace for the first 600 (80-88%). Then quickly pick up your speed during the final 200 so that you are running at an effort equal to your 5k pace — fast but still relaxed and controlled.
Jog easy @ 60% or below to the end, and walk it in the final couple minutes.


SWIM 0:30
400 Swim
10 X 100 (25 Kick – 25 Left arm – 25 Right arm – 25 Build up Swim) with :10 rest;
Build up the 25 swims to a little faster than race pace.
6 x 50 total recovery; your choice

Weekend Note:

This weekend will still be a larger load than during ther rest of the week, to keep in line with what you’ve done so far this year and because race day will be a long day.

If by this time you are already at your race destination, then get out on the course and bike/run over a key section of the course — a particularly challenging section or a part with a lot of turns that needs to be mapped out before race day.



BIKE 2:30
Aerobic effort the entire ride — below 80%.

No matter how good you are starting to feel during the taper, keep in mind that race day is where you want to “strut your stuff.” Keep your HR and your excitement under control during this ride.

Be smart and ride early before it gets hotter than blazes outside.

RUN 0:35
Sandwiched between a 10:00 warmup and 5:00 cooldown, hold your HR at 70-75% for 20 minutes.
Complete this run later in the day, after your legs have recovered from the ride. Finishing up an hour or so before a meal is a great idea, as the meal will serve to refuel your body.
Finish the day by drinking lots and lots of water and stretching out your whole body.


RUN 1:00
After 10:00 of warming up, do 2 sets of the following:


15:00 @ 75%
5:00 @ 65%
**on the final 5 minutes of the second 15:00 repeat, increase your HR up to 75-84%.
BIKE 0:45
Right after running if possible. Total recovery in your small chainring with 100+rpm.
Again, get this workout done early so the heat isn’t zapping your energy unnecessarily.