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Subaru Vancouver Internation Tri…round up.

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4:00am start to the Sunday morning with a 6:30am gun time for the beginning of what would be a pretty solid day. Hit most of my targets for the swim and run but I’m still fighting the bike.  Swim came in pretty fast despite it feeling slow but I think the current had a huge effect on results…good and bad.  Came out with a 26:00 swim in pretty good position with a little bit of a better time in transition then  Oliver but still slower then most by quite a bit.  Bike course was 4 loops 26km course that felt as if each loop was getting shorter and shorter.  32.1 km average which needs to be faster but still felt solid.   (2:50 total bike time)  Run felt strong after the first 8km and was happy with the 4:51 final time. (1:28 total run time)  Would have really like to be under the 4:50 range but under 5 was the big target.  41th out 261

I will have to say that those folks up in Oliver put on a better race and basically beat the Vancouver Tri in all aspects.  I will credit the Vancouver’s organizers and say it still was a solid event, but Oliver is a few levels higher.  More people, more volunteers, more stations, more variety, better swim and better organized. Booom!  Training Camp number 4 this weekend in Penticton.

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