Skull X Skull, does a party get any crazier?

You sit at home on a friday just after work wondering, hmm what could I do this weekend?  Some weekends you just want to sit and hang out at home and not hung over all weekend.  Some weekends you want to party, get drunk, run wild, and do things that most people think is totally stupid.  The kinda stuff you wake up in the morning and laugh at yourself.    I don’t even come close to these guys.  They call it  Skull X Skull and  is the second one.  They have all types of crazy stupid events that result in nudity or blood.  There is  mud, fire, paint, bikes, beer and seems like more beer.  Thesse guys show no shame, its freaking awesome.  Not sure if I really would want to be around when this goes down but I  love looking at the carnage.

It happens in Austin at something called the shitpit.  (name fits).  Here is a giant list of events from Sucka Pants.

Jumping over the junk car on bikes, only one guy made it.
– Jumping on a trampoline where the windshield should be, until one girl misses and cuts her leg to the bone.
– Mad Dog challenge = Six-pack-attack relay race with Mad Dog booze (equals more colorful puking).
– Obstacle course along the side of the house, complete with flying folding tables.
– A car drove dangerously and aggressively through the slowly dispersing crowd in the street in front of the house, resulting in someone knocking their rear view mirror off. The driver then came back with his mom who was yelling at everyone and calling the cops. One guy’s response was to pull out his dick and pour beer on it. Everyone shuffles to the back when the cops come.
– Mosh pit and metal bands in the backyard, this time with flying cans of yellow and white house paint.
– Nothing is complete without roman candles into the crowd.
– Junk mattress catches fire next to the shack, pee and water put it out (three times).
– The strange band Funderstorm that ran around in the crowd on a megaphone yelling at people to tear his clothes off. He ended up naked (even the fishnets and purple undies came off) and then lit microphones on fire and swung them at people.
– Mud wrestling commences, this year with more friendly mud (less broken glass and rocks, more smell of manure) and mostly mixed (boy/girl) matches.
– Neighborhood kids hammering forever on the car with bats and pipes.
– One dude who was there on crutches had been clocking people when they bumped into him throughout the night. One majorly drunk dude really pissed him off and received a few decent whacks, prompting him to complain, cry, and call the cops (again). Four cars roll up this time, and people either take off or chill in the backyard to wait for them to leave.
– Once the cops disperse, bike-jousting gets rolling.
– After bike-jousting, the grand finale: blowing up the car. It’s done with some sort of explosive device detonated by gunfire. A healthy fireball erupts and the car burns for a while before being put out and re-lit a handful of times.
– Before taking off, the guys from Chief Mag set off a barrage of fireworks inside the car, causing them to ricochet off the ceiling and out the windows in all different directions.

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