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Shootings in BC

It all started just blocks from my house when  Jamie Bacons black mercedes was shot up at the Abbotsford Keg.  So the first shooting of year goes down as a miss.  Since the beginning of 2009 there has been 36 shootings dated to the middle of March.  12 has resulted in deaths and another 15 dam close.

Since January I have been pretty close to a few of these crime scenes.

Number 9 of the year was at the Thunderbird Village in Langley that resulted in a death,  about 10 blocks from my grandpa house, that I visited less then a day later.    Kevin Leclair, 26, shot and killed. (Thunderbird Village in Walnut grove- Langley)

Number 17 happened about 6 hours before we started work on a job 2 blcoks away.  We still could hear the helicopter flying over most of the day, with police tape covering three houses.   Shane Alan a 24 year old shot and killed (6900 Block of Fraser Street, Vancouver)

Number 35 is roughly 6 blocks from my parents place in Langley,  I was there a day before and as well as the day after.  Laura Lynn Lamourex was shot and killed   (202 street and 40th, Langley)

One that was not on the list,  happened in October 2nd 2008 at Oakridge mall.  The Day before I was there looking at a job, and the fallowing day I was working there and left just 2 hours before the man was shot.  Rakesh Naidu, apparently had gang ties to Independent Soldiers and died shortly later.  We also do snow removal at this mall ever year.

Google Map of the shooting--From CKNW in VAncouver

Google Map of the shooting--From CKNW in VAncouver

Link to the list of the shootings