Shed Saturday

Spent my hungover ass with my pops getting the shed closer to completion.  Spent about 10-15 hours total and can’t wait to get my tools out of the house and into the shed.  It will end up being a 8×12, so a pretty good size.  Adding a little loft in the A frame of the shed giving me a few for extra square feet.

We used all reused form lumber for the walls and trusses, and then had to get 4 sheets of half inch plywood for the roof.  I’ll be using a used front door from my folks place and then once the door is set in place it, i’ll add the tar paper and siding.   I am not sure what type of siding I’ll be adding but kinda thinking i’ll be doing the same cedar type thats already on the house.  It’ll be nice to have the extra storage once its all finished up.

So far project project tally is under a hundred dollars.