Shawnigan Lake Tritahlon 2016

This year has felt a  different to than any previous years.  My training has been cut down a good chunk, mostly since the monkey of a full Ironman isn’t sitting on my back.  After finishing off last season with a race that went fairly well, going into this season I hoping that I could build from that.  So far the start to this season has had it’s challenges with pretty large workload and family things but I felt I was still finding just enough time to get a majority of the training in.  Shawnigan Lake was going to be the test to see if that is actually true or not.


Ferry ride to the big Island

I was planning on easing on the gas this year, going with a smaller load but a more in intense load of training.  So far a large majority of my training has been in 90sq feet box, so I was looking forward to racing or at lease have others around to push me a little harder.  I believe this year would be the first fully run Shawnigan Lake triathlon under the Ironman hat. (last year was more of a transition year.)   I’ve done in the past, back in 2013 in a half iron distance and had a pretty good race.  Early season home town races are generally right in my wheel house.  I  have good fitness because work is generally not too crazy through the winter and having my usual climate certainly helps.  Going into this race I was averaging about 8-12 hrs of training, 12 if I was really lucky.   I had a good result in the half marathon at the start of the month and continued to hang on to that running fitness, but the one problem I’ve been having is getting in the pool.  I’ve struggled to get that swim in first thing in the morning.

Thanks Jason for the photo.

Thanks Jason for the photo.  Huffin it out at on the run, new LG kit is perfect.

Fast forward to Saturday with the race starting Sunday, the weather was not good. Looking around the set up for the race and transition, I was starting to feel a little worried!  This race came up on me fast!  Saturday came and went, bike got checked and then we headed back to the caboose.  The sky opened up around 6 on Saturday and the weather was looking pretty good for 7:00 am Sunday.  We timed everything pretty good race morning,  getting into transition around 6:15 and got gear ready.  Jumped in the lake a little early to get the shock of my first open water swim of he year and made sure the Roka goggles were nice a clean.  Went out did a few strokes and came back.  Then boom, without much of a warning the cannon went off.  Whooo, freaked me out, and took me a long time to calm down.  Had to do a few backstrokes to get the heart rate down.


After calming down and totally missing the first group of swimmers, I thought I was swimming solo til I hoped out with my numb feet and fellow teammate Jason Sandquist blew by me!  Ran up to the bike and fought with my wetsuit with my shaky hands, then set off on the bike.  As usual the bike took a lot time for me to get calmed down and focused.  The windy course is not my type of riding.  I’m not technical at all.  I felt like I was out on a training ride.  Slowly it started to feel like the first few years of my triathlon career.  People just passing me by after having a lead on the swim.  Finally I just held on and was just wanting to get my feet into some socks and start the run.  The run course is what I love running, straight and on a compact trail.  I hoped off my bike and within 2-3k of the run I grabbed the first little group that went a too hard on the bike.  I slowly moved my way up and grabbed maybe 1-2 more and kept feeling great.  I clearly didn’t use much on the bike, I didn’t even feel like I had biked.  With no brick training except a few 2 mile runs after biking a couple of times, I was happy with how the legs turned over.  I came ripping in 10th, and didn’t catch anyone on the way back but felt like I finished pretty strong.  Swim felt smooth but slow, bike felt slow and choppy  (but loved the Di2 on the IA with all the shifting) and the run was smooth and felt good.  It will be interesting to see what will happen out in Victoria 70.3 this coming weekend.  The lack of mileage could shine through, but I remain optimistic.

Going into this season a few new companies onboard as well as a solid group from last year.  I upgraded my IA3 with DI2, and ran the newer garmin 920TX in tri mode without reading up on the function. It worked perfect.  Many thanks to the companies this year along with Every Man Jack Triathlon team this year.

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