Running Route Photos in BC

All this crazy weather has thrown a wrench into the training for this week.  A lot of speed trainer sessions and speed training on a treadmill, along with a more creative approach to tackle each day.

So I figured since I can’t really enjoy the elements of the outdoors on a bike or ripping a few miles with the  shoes on, I thought would use this as a chance to get some photos from of some of my favorite running spots.

One of my favorite shots in awhile. Down along the Fraser River.

Just Caught the birds Flying over

These photos are down at the mission bridge trail head.  I’ve used this route for a 28 km route.  7km each direction so you can pick if you want to head east or west.  Very scenic and the trail is like road running with wide paths,  also a quiet trail, and  great route if you have a dog.  Map here .

Hayward Lake, this is a trail I haven't done enough. 16km but you fight it like its 20. Up and down.

Here is a pretty good map of the trail that a fishing site had.  Map Here.