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::Running Observations::

Training for an ironman lets you see a lot of weird shit, I have to admit. There aren’t too many weekends when I don’t have a story about a idiot on the road, how many smelly grow houses I road by, dead animals, objects, or some old man doing his own fitness class in a speedo on the pool deck. It’s very rare if I don’t have a story. Some times 4-6 hours in the pool another 8-12 on your bike, 4-6 on your feet. That’s a lot of time on your own, and a lot of time in public spots. Case in Point.

After my recent post of running in on an interesting photo-shoot a few weeks back, I thought I would write another post that shares some similar “surprise” like qualities after reading the newspaper.


Wednesday morning is generally my morning run day when work is really busy, and I usually run the same route. I head straight south towards the rolling hills of the berry fields with a large loop back to my house. A road named Farmer road is part of that route, and on Sunday morning someone dumped a body 10 feet from the road.

video Here

Many of my routes for biking and running happen on a lot of rural, and less traveled areas and have always wondered if I would run into a situation like this. There are many dull moments on the road but I don’t need to make it more interesting with a discovery of this nature.