::Running in New York::

Headed out last  Tuesday afternoon to jump on a direct flight to New York for some site seeing, running, and New York Yankee baseball watching.  Everything went awesome except my third day of running when I got caught in a rain storm and of course it was the day I was also planning on getting to Coney Island.  Other then that some good pictures, a few laps around Central park, 2 long runs up the Hudson River, and a few good stories to tell.

First Day in we didn’t get in til late so just ate and went to bed… so  first thing Wednesday morning after some coffee and bagel, I headed to Central Park.  Our apartment was only 15 minutes walk to get there so it was perfect.  I had an hour to get a run in before our 6 and half hour tour of the city.  So I did a quick rip to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and went around once and headed back in just under an hour.  It nice to go for a run when your not the only one on a lonely country road putting  in the time.

The 6 and a half hour tour was pretty good, but since UN was in session the whole east-side of town was grid lock, so we ended up sitting in traffic for awhile.  Got a few boat rides in, saw the 9/11 site and memorial, and all the popular buildings.

Day 3 started out with another run to Central Park, but this time I was going to go all the way around.  After doing some shitty research of a back of a running magazine, I though it was going to be a 14 mile run.  Well after going around once in 45 minutes, I did it again.  Two loops and some pretty fun sites.  Bike riders crashing, weirdos running, walkers walking into bikes, and horsees.  It was a great first loop, but the humidity was crazy the whole week, so the second loop was in slow motion.

Day 4 was going to be a bit rough, after having no rain the first three days, it rolled right in.  I was hoping to hit a few new spots that I missed from the last time I went but it was raining so hard it made it pointless.  At around 11 am I had to get out and do something.  So I went straight east down w48th street to the Hudson.  The last time I went to New York we walked all along the Hudson from about Canal Street and headed into Wall st.  So this time I would head in the opposite direction towards the George Washington Bridge.

The first 40 minutes was awesome, a bit of rain to cool me down from the muggy heat, but once I was within a mile of the bridge it started to drop pails of water. Once I got to the bridge I was a running in rivers.  Took a few looks around, then turned around and headed back.  I was the only one with 6 miles on the way back.  Not a single soul out, not even the homeless Mexicans that were drinking on the way out.  Of course my legs were starting to feel the 20 plus kms I did yesterday and made it for a not so enjoyable rip home.

After some relaxing and wondering around in the rain, the next day started of great.  A walk along the Brooklyn Bridge, then another run along the Hudson but towards Wall Street.  Then the day finished off with a trip Down to the Bronx, to watch the Yankees put the boots to the Red Sox.

::the sky at the end of the game was..well pretty amazing. This was shot in 35mm film.::

Great trip with some good solid running and more photos to follow…