Running and triathlons, tools and links

Friendly interface

Over the years I’ve been using different tools and resources to help me in my training and meet my goals.  I’ve ran numerous marathons, half marathons, a few half ironmans,  swimming races, and competed in Ironman Canada 2010.  I have done all my racing and training without coaching, paid resources, or paid programs.  All my resources have been found on the internet through various websites, online documents, you tube videos, and various blogs.

You need to be careful where the information comes from and if it is up to date.   Don’t always use the the first article or section of information, read up from at lease 2-3 different sources to figure out if its something you want to try. I generally start searching from different blogs and read what other people have used as resources and go from there.  Twitter, blogger, you tube and different running, triathlon magazines are a huge wealth of information to get you started in the right direction as well.

Trifuel is a source that I still use and structure by base training around.  I did find it to be dated but after going through a lot of different training plans, this one had the best layout as well as secondary indexing for terms used for different types of drills and sessions.  I used this plan to get me to the ironman finish line with my 10:42.  So its officially been tested.  This was a great start and I didn’t get any injuries from his plan from over training or aggressive training lengths. I have already modified this plan for this year but continually revert back to it.

I am also in the hunt for a sub 3 hour marathon and found a fairly simple plan that set me off in a direction that will hopefully get me to my goal in February from a UK site called

For generating goal and pace times has a solid engine with a wealth of other calculators as well.

For mapping out routes and distances as well as are pretty popular sites with a new interface coming out soon but I find it too busy with ads.   I recently switched over to which has a lot less garbage and more useful tools such as workout tracking and just has a more web 2.0 friendly interface.  It works really well for triathletes since it crosses over to all types of racing.  Add your friends and make sure everyone is on track.  Not sure if there is an app for phones but I am sure they are working on it  Very powerful site.

Athlinks is a site I recently started using as well which is also very useful for finding out previous race times.  You can also see who stole your identity and ran under your name.