Half marathon, Run for Water.

No huge on getting up early on Sundays, but since there was a half marathon race right down the road from me, I thought I better get my ass in gear.  Kept outa trouble Saturday night so I could walk over at 7:15 in the morning and pick up my race package, since I forgot to get it Saturday.  It was a 8am start, and man was it hot out, had to be almost 20.

Had a pretty good run, course was a bit tough with a lot of hills.  It looked like the heat caught the best of a few, but spending the last week working in the sun, it did really phase me.  I would say the overall race was put on very well.  Had a large group of volunteers, as well as a lot of police  blocking roads with perfect signage.  The race had a 5km, 10km, and the half marathon on the 2nd annual of the event which I would think will have a 3rd.

201 people did the half marathon,  close to 500 did 5k, and over 600 did the 10km.  I posted a 1:30 and came 5th overall, pretty happy with the time but under 1:30 would have been nice.  Overall great event and good cause.

“By competing in the Run For Water you are helping villages in Ethiopia aquire the clean drinking water they need.”