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Run for Water :: 3


For the third year in a row I headed out my door for a race around my hood.  More then 2,500 people took part in the run for water on Sunday with four different races happening.  5km, 10km, half- marathon (which I did) and the newly added full marathon with Boston Credentials.

I was impressed with the turnout as well as the 200,000 plus raised from the event.  The course was super flat and a majority of the route went through a lot of my training spots.  Km markers every km and gels and water laid out well made this run one of the best smaller events I have participated in.  Lucky I looked at the route before the race, there was a few times when I didn’t have anyone to point which way to go.  Basically running the whole run alone, with the first place guy way gone in front of me and third place was 1-2 minutes behind, they could have used a lot more volunteers.  That was the only  real down fall of the whole event.

I ended up coming 2nd overall winning a bit of money.  Wasn’t my best time, but for running 3-4 days a week and having a long work week, I was please with the result.  I’ll have to same my half marathon goals for the winter time.  Its now full on tri time and focus on getting me a spot for Ironman Canada.  Racing in Oliver this weekend, trying to qualify to race in August.

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