Run for Water 2

Almost the same medal as last year.

Last Sunday morning was another race, this time it was the Run for Water just down the street from my house.  This was the second time I have ran it and it looks like it keeps growing every year.   Its not the fastest course with a line up of rolling hills right in the middle of it all.   The general design of the course is nice though built of mainly a giant loop,   not too many twists and turns which makes for a good way to keep the leaders in view.

500 bucks for th winner which I wasn’t even close but did grab 9th and on the 12th I’ll find out what I won. Hopefully its not a donkey.  Actually if it was donkey that would be sweet.

Ended up with a 1:28.  Almost my split for the full, had some fun @ 8km with a 2-3 minute set back when a gel went down the wrong tube.   Was on  pace for a 38-39 10k, ended up with 42.00.   Whoops!  Feel pretty happy with the time, no tapper and was felling the 3 hours of riding and short run from Saturday.  Got my eyes on Oliver this week-end and the Vancouver Scotia half  on the 27th.  Thinking I might do a mini tapper to get my time down where I think it could be for the 27th.

Just packing up for Oliver half iron and heading out Friday night.