Rock n Roll Vancouver 10k 2014

Screen grab for the RnR site.  Interesting way to run...

Screen grab for the RnR site. Interesting way to run…

I always find this time of year tough, looking for a bit of motivation to keep things a little interesting.  I decided to try out the first year of the Rock and Roll in Vancouver.  Not really being in any kind of shape for a half marathon, the 10k option was perfect.  Driving into the city is a bit of a hassle going in twice we decided to make a weekend out of it.  About 2 weeks out from the race I search around and the closes hotels where already booked.  We settled on the Empire Landmark hotel which was a about 1-2 km from the start.  It was perfect for a quick warm up before running around the sea wall.  I was really please with how everything worked out..

Great route for a detestation run, doesn't get anymore scenic.  Red dot is were our hotel was.

Great route for a detestation run, doesn’t get anymore scenic. Red dot is were our hotel was.

Race start was at 7:45, headed out the door at 7:20 and got right to the front with no issues.  It was kind of odd when I got first got to the start line, it seemed like the wave start was actually working.  The first wave was pretty empty except for one goof getting his buddy to take pictures of him doing a track start.  Same dude smashed out the start for about 800 meters then settled into his pace.  It was pretty entertaining.

We started a little later then the 7:45, but probably closer to 8.  I didn’t run as fast as I wished, but a few jack rabbits took off.  I could tell after the first mile that the 2-3 speed sessions in the last few weeks were good  to hold on for a 6-6:10 pace but nothing better.  So I just kept with that and enjoyed the view.  The day was pretty cold but the rain held off, that’s all I really cared about.

Its been a few years since I’ve done a Rock and Roll and remember why I liked them.  They really know how to organize a race.  Markers for every km, a 5k clock and more then enough water…3 too many for me.  Of course the beer after is a nice touch.  I had a good time and finish up squeaking in under 38 min with an 8th place.  There must have been a race the week before, I was wondering were all the fast cheetahs were other then the 3 jack rabbits.

Every time I run along there I think how lucky we are around here to have these routes, it is one my favorite place to run. After talking to a few people that did the half marathon said they really enjoyed their route as well and would probably go back next year.


Half map.

Half map.



The 10k ended up selling out with the half I bet being pretty close.  Early sign up with save you a lot of money, I ended up paying 60-70 for the 10k alone.  So if you are thinking about doing it, I would book the hotel and race early as possible.

Taken from the RnR site -write up of the winners.—–

“Kenya’s Paul Kimugul, 34, won the men’s half marathon in 1:04:39, while Vancouver-native Geoff Martinson, 28, finished a minute behind in 1:05:46 to place second. In the women’s race, the first time was the charm for Rachel Cliff, a 26-year-old from Vancouver, who won her debut half marathon in 1:15:04. Lindsey Scherf, from Chapel Hill, North Carolina in the US, finished shortly behind Cliff in 1:16:14.”

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