Rhymesayers and Mac Lethal

Ah Mondays, my favorite day of the week.  The day you wish it was Friday, especially when you are feeling a little hung over still from Saturday.  That also means I don’t feel like doing much after hour work.  I usually spend my time looking around the net looking for cool shit to read, but I gotta have some new music to keep from getting board.

I was over at rhymesayers checking out what’s happening over there.  The lucky people in Calgary had a tour stop of Atmosphere and crew this weekend. I’m kinda choked that they skipped Vancouver , ah well… I am sure the show was amazing, even if the flames just got kick outa the playoffs.

Another cool thing that I love about this label is that they do an amazing job of spreading their music and videos around,   from Youtube.com, to keeping up their artists’  myspace pages loaded with  playlists.  They also have a  few songs for download, as well as streaming video right from Rhymesayers.com.  I am kinda hooked on Rotten Apple by Mac Lethal. He might not like me saying this but his style reminds me of Eminem,  he has a more realistic angle then Eminem. Good beats, and good lyrics.


Lithium Lips, Slow Down Baby, and Shotgun are a few that top my list

Check’em out.  Heres a pretty good video, that I applied to my weekend too.

Check out rhymesayers tour dates here.  I see P.O.S. will be doing the Vans Wrap Tour, so there might be an appearance from others artists when they hit Thunderbird stadium in Vancouver, BC this summer.  I see 3oh3 is back on, but that’s for another day.