::Racing Deception Pass 50k 2013::

First off, post race food, pizza and beer.  Enough said right? Going into this race I knew that the 5,000 plus feet of elevation would be something that I wasn’t sure about.  I tried doing as many long runs with elevation with out having to travel to any major mountain.  During my training I think the most that I hit was 3500.  I have a lot of respect for regular day  Ultra distance athletes and after doing this 50k!  It just blows my mind how the bodies and more importantly their minds can put that serious mileage together.  ( Rainshadow Running also has a 50k with 8000 plus feet!  Ouch! )

Another one from Jenny Manning.

Another one from Jenny Manning.

The pure culture of this race was probably the thing that really stuck to me while out there getting totally destroyed. During racing everyone was having little chats, something I wasn’t use to.  The course design had you going out and coming back on a lot of the track you set out on.  While coming back, you got a nice job, or good work from almost every single person going the other way.  I was blown away.


Glenn picked a good spot, unfortunately for me it was at about 48k and I was in rough shape!

I went out with the leaders and sorta held on, through out the race I would have a few people come up and catch me but that too wasn’t with out a small conversation.  After about 10k, I though I was really in for an interesting day.  My legs were already yelling and my ankle that had been the worse part of my fall 4 weeks earlier was giving me some nice early warning signs that this wasn’t going to be an easy day.  This crazy course was marked out extremely well, and a few times I though I was off track, a sign or a pink piece of tape was marking the line.  Rainshdaow and their group of people did a great job.  The last two “lollipops” were more of what I trained for and tried to enjoy the race once I got into red zone (over the 4ok mark).  The 5 and half of the 6th loop was were a majority of my solo running so naturally it was really mentally challenging.  At about 45k heading back to the finish line I was getting dropped pretty bad, 4-5 people went by me looking like they just started running.  Not knowing the terrain and how to race a race like this a, I clearly need to take that first 10k a little easier!

Our home base for two nights.  Didn't come with the beer...

Our home base for two nights. Didn’t come with the beer…

Some side notes for anyone looking at this race next year.  Originally looking at 25k, but sold out is held Saturday with the 50k going Sunday.  I think next year I’ll be a little quicker to pull the trigger.  Racing Saturday opens up a little more relaxing and beer drinking Saturday night.  My little group stayed in Bay View State Parl, in a little cabin that worked pretty dam well with a reasonable rate of about 60 bux a night.  ( Didnt use the camper this time! )  Weather was great, no rain and wind wasn’t bad at all.

Our view at night from the cabin.

Our view at night from the cabin.

The gear I used worked out nicely as well.  I made some changes race morning and just went with regular Compressort low cut shocks and wore Brooks True Git shoes.  The Nathan fuel belt from Trigeeks  and stocked it full with about 8 gels. I started with three layers, got rid of the wind breaker after the first mile.  I had a breathable long sleeve shirt that came on and off a few times through the race, but had it on for the last 15 k.  Under that I was planning on wearing my Compessort trail shirt but knew I would have some chaffing issues under my arm since I still need to wear it a few times a stretch it out. My wide lats from swimming so much made it a little too tight around the ribs.  I had not chaffing or feet issues, other then a sore ankle. Fuel seemed ok, just need to work on the legs for so much climbing. Ultra running is hard, and I just did a baby ultra!  Ton of respect for the 50milers/ 100 milers /100kers/ anything over 50k!

Photos credits- Glenn TachiyamaJenny Manning