::Project Studio Desk for under 200 bucks::

Now that winter is setting in, I have a bit more time to get a starting on a few ideas I have had.  I spend a lot of my time in the studio and have been working on a shitty desk. I spent a bit money on it but after moving it from room to room from renovating, it was time for it to go.

I wanted a simple, compact, cheap  (under 200 bucks), and obvious slick looking work area. I drew up a quick sketch, created a material list, and then headed to hardware store.

::The old desk has to go!.. Its small and doesn't have enough room for more then computer use.::

::200 bucks worth of materials. . ::

  1. 1 sheet of 4’x8′ maple,
  2. 3 pieces of 1×2″ fir finishing trim pieces @ 8 feet long,
  3. 3 hinges, , (one side has a nice long end on it to attach to the working surface)
  4.  one set of table legs
  5. one pack for size  10- 3/4 inch screws,  (for working surface, make sure the screws don’t go through the plywood for the legs and hinges)
  6. one pack of size 10-1 1/4 inch screws
  7. 3 inch deck screws, (for attaching the 2×4’s to the wall for main support)
  8. two 8′ 2×4’s,(main supports for working surface and monitor shelf)
  9. New saw blade for crisp cutting.
  10. I already had stain, clear coat, and sand paper.   This will add about another 30 bucks to your bill.(still under 200 bucks)

For tools I used one drill, cut of saw, skill saw, jig saw,  and a level.

::Use one of the 2x4's and screw it to the wall with the 3" screws, make sure you find studs! Making sure its level and pre measure how high you want it off the ground ---28" inches is kinda the normal. The legs I am using are 28.5 inches high, so this 2x4 is 28 inches off the ground then add 3/4 of an inch for the plywood giving you 1/4 inch of play. ::

::Added the hinges, as well as a top plate for the monitors and speakers The monitor plate is 7 inches above the main desk area. This is up to you how you want to have it...If your 6 feet tall this about bang on for eye level.

::Plywood added on both levels. Ended up using maple for the working surface. Layed the plywood on top of the 2x4 and used my chair to hold it up while I screwed in the 3/4 inch screws into the maple. (make sure if you cut holes for cords that u have them an inch and a half away from the edge of the plywood. Unless you drilled holes in the 2x4. I did both. You will see at the end how this how it was done..::

::Here is a quick shot of it folded down. If you're in a tight area, this design will work perfect. The monitors will stay on top shelf and then the rest will fold down.::

::Added a 1x2" fir trim along the edges to clean it up and then used a golden oak stain that I had from another project...let it dry and add a clear coat. sand and add one more coat and one more light sand so it nice a smooth to work on::

::All loaded up with the foldaway legs. I reversed them for more stability. ::