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Pre-race IMC

It’s been a great build up to race day that will be bright and early Sunday Morning @ 7am.  All the hours of training, trips, and bike repairs has been an experience that I can’t really put into words.  I can’t image the feeling after competing the race, finishing the biggest training day to date.  The only thing I can really say is if you think you might want to go for an Ironman, do it, it will be something you will always remember.


With the big day within reach I would like to thank everyone along the way for the support for Dan and I, and the huge amount of money raised.  Online we are very close to 3,000 dollars with another 500 dollars not included in the online total.  Just in the last year a number people in my core of friends have been directly effected by someone with a heart condition or stroke and I feel it was the correct  charity to help out.  A big thanks to my Calgary people for getting me very very close to my goal.  Hope race day will go as good or better then the money raising. I believe that my online page shuts down on Sunday so if you’re still wanting to donate go to ironmanfund.com soon!


I am looking to beat the 11 hour mark and hopefully better with a top 100-150 overall finish.  A lot of things need to go right with nothing going wrong to get me to the finish line in that time.  Weather is looking good and so it looks like it’s up to me and my bike.  I will be number 283 and we will be starting at 7:00am Sunday morning.  I am not sure if they have live tracking for the race but checkout ironman.ca for any info.