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::Pre- Ironman Canada 2012::

When I look at my workout plan of 34 weeks and come to the very last week, it really gives you a sense of what a person is capable of when you break things down into steps. This will be a third Ironman Canada in as many years, but it will also be my last for awhile. This will forever be my homebase race and the one that lit the fire in me.

This years race will have 3,000 plus. Might be the biggest out of the 30 year history of the race.

The big reason for a break from Ironman Canada is the late August date, it really grids the piss out of me. Working full time in the very seasonal construction industry makes for challanging summers. Long Wednesdays of 2-3 and half hours, big weekend workouts, and all the racing makes Monday feel like a 3rd Friday. Some weeks its just a giant struggle to get everything in and be a nice person at the sametime.

2010 crossing the finish.

This Sunday is what all the racing and training is for in 2012… Ironman Canada. I’ve got a few goals in mind with the main being one a sub 10 hour race. A few other things would be nice to go along with it; top 5 age group, and top 50-75 overall number with a possible Kona entry. If all my ducks are aligned , I feel this is possible. I’ve been slowly chipping away at my times but still waiting for that big race that really makes things pay off.