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::Post Ironman 2011::

My second Ironman finish is in the books, and this one was the toughest race yet.  I think every race you learn something new about yourself, and this one was no different.  From dealing with the heat, chain drops, and dead legs, this year race was an all out war.  My goal time of sub 10 hours quickly changed after the bike ride to,  hopefully I finish this race faster then 2010.

Last year the swim felt awesome,  little effort, no fighting and smooth water.  This year, the total opposite.  It was the longest fighting swim yet,  the full 3.8km was full of smacks, kicks, and feet grabbin.  Almost 3 minutes slower then previous coming out of the water.

:: This is what happens::

Next was on to the bike.  After the usual not sure what I am doing transition I got onto my bike.  A nice 40km wind push and another 40km of solid riding to Osoyoos.  Now  it was on to the start of the race…the Ritcher Pass climb.  My Legs felt great on the flats but the hills started to take their toll.  Each hill with the addition of heat clearly started to suck up my energy.   After a few chain drops, one on the top of Yellow Lake and another on the way down I was ready to get off my bike.  Of course the last 8kms through town feels like 30kms and the added strong head wind made it really enjoyable.

::probably the only time my dad will run faster then me::

I came in a little slower then I was wanting but was fine with the time.  I knew when I got off the bike I would need to do some serious damaged on the run course to even come close to that 10 hour mark.  Jumped off my bike around 5:36 and started running.  About 5km into the race I was wondering how my legs where going to get me through 42kms.  They did but not very fast…and they didn’t work on the hills.  Same as on the bike, coming into town felt a lot longer then it should and finished up a few minutes under 4 hours.  Which is also slower then last year.

Total time was 10:35, with a stomach that was fine through out the race until I got over the finish line.    I counted three times when people beside me just all out puked and keep running.  It was one of the craziest experiences I have ever been a part of, and looking forward to 2012.  Its looking like next years goal will be sub 10 hours and see if that gets me where I want to be.

I was using powerbar products through out the race and they seemed to work pretty good.  No real issue and think I’ll stick with their items

Things I took from this race…

Be right in front for the swim start and maybe a bit to the left for smooth water.

Eat a bit more protein on the bike.  I was using powerbar products through out the race and they seemed to work pretty good.  No real issue and think I’ll stick with their items for the next races as well.

Push hill training a bit more on the bike as well on the run.

Figure out a balanced sodium plan and electro plan.

I also think I need to change up my gearing on my bike to make it a little more hill ready.

Start my taper a week earier

Speed up transitions

Try and have a bit more energy for the run

::Almost done, I remember this point last year and I can't figure out why I am never happy to see the end::