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Post IMC


After nearly 10 months of training, the last big week ended on Sunday.  Timing was pretty much bang on, I was hoping I could surprise myself with a better bike ride but 4 pee stops, (haven’t figured out how to pee on the bike yet;) a pretty ugly little storm and a blown spoke made it pretty tough.  I was happy with the swim and was really surprised how smooth it went.  I got myself to the front and didn’t have to jockey at all.  Once the swim was over, the honeymoon was short lived.  Jumped on the bike and felt really good til about 80km when the bikes didn’t stop passing me.  Over and over the groups of bike went by, even once I got to my run all the coaches on their bikes kept giving me flashbacks of the ride.  I was so happy once that bike got passed to the person racking it for me and got my running bag.  I bounced out on the course feeling ready to tackle the last hurdle, one that I have done more then a few times.  First 10km was quick timing it at 45 and slowly went down hill, finishing up with just under 3:40 with a total time of 10:42.  Pretty happy with the end result and looking froward to getting my running going for Boston, mixed with some off season bike training.  Already looking ahead for 2012 for my second go around.

coming out of the swim

I had huge support from all my family and friends, and would like to thank them.   I would also like to thank everyone for their support for the Heart and Stroke foundation as well, I will get a final number once it all shuts down.

Here are the last few minutes of the final cut–17 hours!…I came in right went the bike cut off was happening and it was amazing to hear the crowd getting these guys going.