::Photo Thursday…with the Olympus Pen 1::

I probably should have gotten a new camera before I went to New York, but it wasn’t til i got my film developed that I knew the camera I have been looking at for a long time is on sale.  So long story short, I hope to get some more good shots, but will also be shooting a bit more in video…

I’ve stuck with the Olympus brand, and the new camera is the first of the Digital Pen camera series.  I’ve been looking at this camera for almost 2 years, and it finally has come down to a price that I thought was reasonable.  I can use all my DSLR lenses with an adapter , as well as have full manual control, and lastly the biggest plus is that it shoots video in a small compact camera.    With the recent release of the Pen 3 at price over double the Pen1- made it a pretty easy decision for me.  Not much difference between the Pen 1 and 3 other then high video quality and a larger video screen….  I love this camera and hope to get more shoots on the go with it  being so compact.

::Had a sunny day after work, and had to get out and ride. Was out for over 2 hours riding and shooting with the new camera.::

::Loosin daylight, getting tough to get a good solid bike ride in before it gets dark. ...makes for earlier sunset rides.::::The last shot before I had to make it home before dark::::Last one before I had to pack it away to get home before dark.::

::Last one before I had to pack it away to get home before dark.::

This video is compressed by Youtube, but I can still see some pretty good quality.  This is shot raw from the camera and obviously not edited either.  If your in the market for a new camera and want a bit more flexibility, I would recommend looking at this camera for sure,  This article has a bit more background on the camera for those that are interested.