:: Photo Thursday:: Weekend shots

A packed weekend that started off in Seattle for two baseball games, Mariners vs Tampa Bay.  First game was a write off, second one was pretty dam good, then whipped up to Sunshine Valley.

::these two are wondering were everyone is...::

::he actually hit this guy and broke his leg...almost::

::good weekend for ball::

:: ::


Headed home Saturday after the afternoon game and drove up to Sunshine Valley to visit my Parents.  I guess it was a good weekend to visit since a lot was going on up there.  Mud racing, music, and mud and music.  So not a lot but probably a lot for Sunshine Valley.  Its too close to Manning so I am not sure how many times I’ll be back.  Rode my bike home Monday morning to get my training in.  Nice huge downhill swoop into Hope and the Fraser Valley.  Tons of crap on the rode to flatten a tire…ended up getting a flat in Harrison…  Pretty fun long weekend that will shoot me into a traper for Ironman week.

:: This kid almost bucked himself off::

:: yep, I saw tongue:: shorty after I took this, I got a mean look from her...::

:: Old Silvertip Ski Area :: Interesting little rope tow ::

:: The Lions Den: Kinda wanted to kick down the door to see how many emptys where in there::