Photo Thursday on Friday.

Did a trail run at Aldergrove lake on Wednesday.  Pretty freakin awesome day, sun came out…  spring is coming.  Stretched out 10km in there, trail running has been pretty good last few weeks.  Been incorporating it more into my training to keep things a little fresher.

To the right gives you a pretty good view of Washington.

Nice change in trail.

Probably the most interesting part of the run.

It was suppose to be a track day on Thursday night but ended up running up to Hemlock Thursday to squeeze one more day of skiing in before it gets warm.  Hemlock has gotten 211cms in the last week.  I have never scene a snow pack like this up there…ever.

Walls of snow. Was cool in the morning so had some good turns first thing.

This was the last run of the day. Was getting pretty warm up there in the afternoon.

On the way up, in search on a fresh line.