Photo Thursday :: On Friday

Headed to one of my favorite spots for a mini training camp and some fun out on the beach. Took the Creeper out to the usual campsite at the Sandlake sand dudes just outside Tillamook and used this as the in and out for my training.

One of the three Capes on the scenic route off the 101.

Road thru Pacific City both on Saturday and Sunday. Just before the road joins back up with the 101 hwy.


We were able to drive onto the beach without any problems about 10 minutes from where we camped.

Just about to head home, all packed up.

Did my long run in Portland and was great run along the banks Columbia River. Could have gone forever, paved trail that goes from Jantzen Beach all along the Columbia and past the airport. Went out for about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Link to the Route.


Did my 100 mile ride on Sunday and couldn’t quite make it to Newport but was a great ride none the less. Apparently I missed a bike race by one day…didn’t know it til I got there. Reach the Beach, Portland to Pacific City. Something I’ll have to keep in mind for next year.

Link to the ride…