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Peak Week

This last weekend was the longest/hardest ride out of the whole training period. Set it up for a ride up to the top of Mount Baker Ski resort. Ended up being the best ride to date, with about another 100-150 people doing the same ride. We started from my front door and headed south, while the rest headed from a little village on the way called Glacier. The road took you right to the top of the resort in the summer which was news to me, I was used to the winter full of snow!. There was group doing some summer ski touring and sledding. So much snow still, it was just amazing to see all the action. Really cool experience, totally ride was about 165km and took us 6:45 with a few stops along the way.

Grindin up


Good thing Dan brought his camera!

here is the route :
View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

Been a busy/expensive, got a new rear rim, after blowing two spokes on a week day ride as well as finally buying new wetsuit. Picked it up @ trigeeks in Surrey.  Heading out to Deception Pass in Washington for some fresh training routes and new scenery.  Looking forward to it and I’ll try to take more pictures.

please donate ironmanfund.com -heart and stroke til the 29th of August.

i'll be trying it out this weekend.