::Oliver Half Ironman 2015::

I loved the support I received after my big 2nd place finish overall.  Too bad it wasn’t that at all.   It’s not fun to have to explain that it’s a total mash up and the results are wrong.  I have to admit it’s probably the most frustrating part of the whole thing.  Going into last Sunday’s race in Oliver, I thought I knew the course fairly well. This race was my first ever triathlon in 2010, and after deciding not to race there last year or he year beofre, this year was the fourth time on the course.

Felt IA4 - enve 8.9 wheels.  Felt great.  Thanks to Labicletta getting me ready on Sunday.

Felt IA4 – enve 8.9 wheels. Felt great. Thanks to Labicletta getting me ready on Sunday.

Before heading up, I read the Newsletter for the race, which stated there would be no course maps in the race day packet.  I also read that transition would be moved, so that’s probably where the second guessing began.  I knew that I had a good chance of coming out of the water in the lead thanks to Purple Patch swim volume and wanted to know how transition would work this year.   I wasn’t able to dig anything up online or in my mailbox, so I knew I would be in for an adventure.

After racing the Cultus Lake Triathlon late last year, (under the old Outback Events) I thought this year could have similar issues.  A few emails in the weeks leading up had me hopeful that the new company name and redesign would boost the number of racers and volunteers.

Sooo, what I figured was pretty bang on.  Dynamic Events made an Elite wave for selective racers, which was a nice touch.  (I had no clue until packet pick up.)  I had a kayak lead on the first loop, had a good second loop, and came out with a slim lead.  After climbing up the wrong set of steps and looking like a blind man, I got bounced into 3rd.  I got out onto the bike and followed the leaders in what ended up being a missed turn right from gate.  Bam!  Missed the first 14km loop of the ride.  I caught one of the guys ahead of me, and he mentioned he thought we missed a turn somewhere (he raced last year).  So after second-guessing the whole bike, I entered transition in first.  Hmmm something is wrong here! (I had Bike computer problems through out the bike so I did have a read of total distance.) I walked over to a TRI BC official and asked if I was DQ’d for shorting the course?  About one or two minutes later, the guy that I had talked earlier on the bike,  rode into transition.  He said he tried to go back and hit the loop and was told to go to transition.  The official told us just to go run… hence my 3 minute bike to run transition!

I threw on my shoes and went out on to the run course knowing I would be getting some dirty looks from the boys that did end up going back and making up the 14k. From this point I just had fun with it and tired to hit my pacing for my Ironman in a few weeks.  I heard 30-35 degrees out there on the run   (LG Race Top worked amazing.) and it didn’t help anyone that the race was 20 minutes late starting as well.  I kept running strong and checking to see when the real race leader was coming through so I could see what the time gap was.

Second loop, I was feeling pretty good and kept my pace and held the gap.  So, at about the 14.1 mile mark on the run 😉 I waited for the Nathan Champness to come through, and then made my way down the shoot.  Man, it was an interesting day.  I didn’t think it was going to turn out that way, but I had fun with it.  There was a fraction of  the number of volunteers compared to the amount back in the Oliver hay day, but they were great.  It really upsets me that the race is losing its following.  The number of spectators, competitors and volunteers are so low that I’m not sure that it should continue.  After the race, I found out that another handful of people,  missed the same section of the course that I did.  I believe it was a simple problem: not enough volunteers.

Steve and I- post race.

Steve and I- post race.

I’m chalking this one up as a DQ, because I should known the course.  The race was a good walk through for the bigger picture on June 28th.  I’m feeling pretty good going into Couer D’Alene and looking forward to getting back to Kona.  (EDIT: Looks like they did end up DQing me.)

Race Results

Thanks goes out to the wife, Team Every Man Jack, Tri Geeks and labicicletta getting my bike ready and for support this season and looking forward to more.
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