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Oliver Half Iron Weekend :: 2

Friday night after work we trucked up to Oliver for the my first Tri of the season.  Headed for the Lakeside Resort right on the lake where the race starts.  Got in around 9:30 to a full house of other triathlete campers and  once we jumped out of the truck you could tell summer was in full order in the interior.

Saturday was package pick up, bike drop and race meeting day.  Picked up my race package around 2 after a quick wetsuit swim. Then dropped my bike off around 3 after a wheel swap and chain clean up.  I was all set for Sunday, bike racked and all my geared ready.

The morning came pretty quick, with a race start of 7am and bike transition open at 5:30.  Wondered over about 6 to get marked and drop everything else off.  I should have also gotten my hand marked as well as my leg and arm…

Jumped into the water 10 minutes before race time and got a quick swim in and then stood in the front for the  start.  Last year was a bit of a rough go with a few kicks to the face, but this year I made sure I was out front.  This worked out prefect.  I was off without any problem and swam the whole race alone, just behind two of the race leaders.  Came out of the water 3rd  and then ran up the road to get on my bike.  I jumped on to my bike for a warm 93km bike.  Felt pretty good on my bike with my second lap of the two loop course being faster and a whole lot less people passing me then last year.  Finished up with a 2:37 bike split, with last years at 2: 54.  The guy right in front of me went over the dismount line and I almost did the same after watching him do it… After spending a few minutes looking for the wrong number in transition, a volunteer yelled at me that I was at the wrong rack…the guy that had the 2 minute penalty was already out of transition before me…oops.  I was looking for 69 not 59, I guess my mind must of wondered to some interesting thoughts on the bike.

just coming up the stairs from the water

Threw my shoes on and was ready to go after a few bikers that got me on the ride.  After a  stop in the bush for a pee and two more passing me, I realized how hot it was getting.  I tried to grab the two that passed me on my pee break and go after more, but the legs just didn’t have it.  My first two kms were pretty solid with 3:30, and 3:45 but quickly felt off that pace and was running 4:45-5 minute kms by the end.  I had a pretty serious leg muscle glitch on the foot bridge on the first loop and from there, things started to slowly fall apart.  With temps around 30 degrees, and going after that half marathon the week before, things started to pile up.  Got into the finish just under 5 hours at 4 :57 about 15 minutes fast then last year, even with my running time 5 minute slower then last year.  Not at all happy with the result but was happy with my bike split.  I was wanting a 1:25-1:30 run which would have got me in the goal time I was looking for,  2 out 3 went well with the run not showing up…

At the first little climb, just coming out of Oliver.

Here is a picture of me at the"what the hell was that run" look on my face. Followed by my legs need to go in the lake.

All and all a good race, and with Outback Events its usually a guarantee it will be a well managed.  Oh and I did end up getting my name on the list for Ironman Canada.  So now after a few week of I will be going full steam ahead for IMC.  My next race I’m thinking will be the Vancouver half Iron on the first week of July.