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::Oliver Half Iron Race Recap::

About a week and a half before heading off to Oliver for the 2nd time in as many weeks, I was wondering why I hadn’t received any updates about Ironman Canada. I jumped on their website and checked to see if my name was on the start sheet. After doing about three searches I didn’t find my name anywhere. I emailed admin, and little did I know somewhere along the line I didn’t get added. I did all the paperwork the day of race package pick up at last years race and somewhere between then and now, it didn’t go through. I was a little pissed off at NA Sports because they were not at all willing to work to find out what had happened, they just told me they had no record….well freakin great! Thanks IMC…


After a few more emails back and forward I just said screw it. Oliver is on the weekend and I’ll grab a spot just like last year. I did have a feeling this year would be a bit harder and might really have to earn my spot. Numbers climbed this year to make almost 1000 people racing.

With all that aside I was going to go after this race and try and use it as a marker since St. George was kind of a survival race. It’s been bugging me since I started triathlon that I haven’t been able to string all 3 disciplines together for a solid race. After finishing Oliver I did felt I competed well and was pretty happy with the effort. My time wasn’t as fast as I had hoped but what seemed to be a much longer 2km swim had an impact on everyone.

My time ended up about 12 minutes faster then last year and the run was were I made up the most time. Last year was a crazy hot day with temp around 35 as well having tired legs made last years run leg tough. This year I felt pretty good and was able to keep them going. I was hoping to get under 1:30 but I think it just means I have some brick work to do. My bike was a bit faster and was almost bang on what I though with how training was going. An average of 36.5km an hour made me smile for awhile but would really like that up around 37.

I do have have to say after racing St George Ironman so close together with a half Ironman, really made me realize that a Half Ironman is a totally different beast. I felt like I had no time to relax and calm down. About on 50km on the bike I felt like I finally had things under control. I do like the distance but honestly think the full distance is way more of a mind puzzle and is definitely more of a race of endurance and intelligence that speed.

I came in at 4:45 and was fairly surprised to know I was 21, and then later 3rd in my age group. After waiting around after the race and pick up a little piece of 3rd place, my worried ended with some mild heart tampering thanks to Joe the race manager. We had 2 spots for our age group and I got the second…this year they actually had to do the roll down. There were a hell of a lot more people wanting those spots then years previous. I grabbed mine and jumped in the truck for the 4 hour drive home.