::Off season planning and motivation::

"Yesterdays run, I can't get enough of Fall sunny days!"

I’m always find this time of year the hardest to keep on the up and up but most importantly to keep on top of things.  Post summer hang over, a huge racing season feels like it suddenly comes to a sudden halt and in this section of the world, (Vancouver/ Lower mainland, British Columbia)  the fall comes in so fast.

The daylight hours get slashed making training before and after work outside very difficult, let alone the rain and wind.  Planning for the off season is always a struggle for me.  Being  self-coached and self motivated has its challenges, but the off-season brings on weird level of training.   One thing that I keep reminding myself is that this is the most important part of the year.  Planning for the next season happens now.  I working full time in the spring and summer, so that means training comes down to the hour, and so planning now is smartest thing I can do.

One of the big factors for being self coached is trying to figure out what to do.  A big tool I use is the blogoshpere.  A cool thing about this sport is that we are all pro-active people, which also means we all like to share what we do.  There is a huge amount of material  to read about how people train, how they race and prepare.  A guy like Jeff Symonds which had a huge year in the half ironman distance is always a fun read as well as a solid source of what a local guy is doing.  For Full iron-distance I like a guys like Dirk Bockel and Andy Potts  both both are Olympians  (different sports) and top athletes long distance tri.  Both have pretty solid blogs which has cool insight on what a pro-ironman life is like.

Few other blogs that I like to visit are Simon Whitfield, Kelownagurl.com, http://www.spiffykerms.com, James Lawerance, Christopher Baker, Matt Fisher and Steve in a Speedo.  I find it’s good to read what others are going through,  what races to do, but most importantly, it helps for planning.

This season I plan on going after one of my biggest goals yet.  Kona, a race that is looked as one of the toughest on the planet.  After getting the tri bug in 2010, I’ve been focused on this goal and the 2012 season will be when the two year action plan will be in second phase.

I’ve been Looking at the Endurance Planner software to kinda give me some fresh training after using a tri fuel program for the last year and half.  If anyone has some more input on what they use or reviews of different programs I will love to hear about it.