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::Oakley Jawbone::

Over the course of 4-5 years I’ve used a few different pieces of eye wear. Sticking with the Oakley brand for a long time, I’ve been using a basic Oakley Gascan.  After getting into running 2006 I wanted something that would stick to my face and not float down my nose.  I didn’t have too many issues with the Gascan other then some minor bouncing around on my face.  These glasses weren’t made for racing but they did the trick for awhile.

Ferrari Red Straight Jacket…Solid running pair.

Once getting into Ironman racing in 2010, I wanted some glasses that would work for running and cycling but also stick to my head if I wasn’t going to wear them.  I had my eye on the jawbone for awhile but ended up going for the Straight Jacket after my local shop only had the Jawbone in the Livestrong colours. I wore the straight jacket for two years and found that they were great for running but when it came to cycling they had it’s own set of issues.   They would cloud up on hill climbs and didn’t work too well on those low light days.  I would get pretty frustrated on race day or on hot days not having full vision.

::Flat Black Jawbone, notice the holes in the lens for venting::

::How they open to swap out Lenses::

::This is the best part, you get a hard case for travel, another set of lenses and a good cleaning cloth. You can find all this for about 200 bux—I paid more cause I didn’t want to wait and order online…::

One of the major pluses with the Jawbone are the lens swapping capabilities.  Oakley has many different models can do just that but I was huge on the pro volleyball, baseball look.  The jawbone is the perfect ticket.  Now that the Jawbone has been around for a few years, I was able to pick from a few more colors.  I’ve tested these bad boys a few times on some good hilly rides and was super happy, and now this weekend on my 70.3 race in Lake Stevens will be the true test.  Hopefully those blurry vision days are over!