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Not Much Eye Candy from North American Automakers.

Decided to head into Vancouver to see the Auto Show at B.C. place.  They had pretty much all the automakers there with a lot of local car custom shops showing off their best car creations.  I have been to a handful of these car shows and generally impressed with the displays and my more favorite is checking out the designs of the concept cars.  This year it looked like the North American Automakers held off showing concept cars for some strange reason (cough cough), which is too bad because usually that’s what gets people interested into going.

Scion Concept

Scion Concept

The recession hasn’t cooled Toyota, they had a very cool Scion concept,  (Scion Fuse) which took a lot of the crowds attention.  Simple lines, with a lot of LED light features.  I wish we could have gotten inside, but that’s not usual for concept cars.   Found some pictures from Scionfuse.com of the interior, but it would have been nice to sit and play with the controls.  Its a two door coupe with a 2.4 L engine with 160hp.

Nissan Cube Electric Concept

Nissan Cube Electric Concept from 2008

Nissan also had a large crowd around their Nissan Cube.  I did not find it very attactive, but people want their car to stand out and be different.  The cube does that, it compairs to the Scion XB or the Honda Element but takes traditional design and tosses it right out.  They created an electric concept (image aboce)  but Nissan plans to sell a redesigned gasoline-powered,  United States and Canada beginning in 2009.  The cube has been around since 1998 and with its release to North America would be its third generation coming with a 1.8l, 6 speed manual.