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No more Royal. 10-10-10


The Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon is coming up very soon with all its new name glory.  The old Royal Victoria Marathon has a new face and will also be sporting an all time high in entries.  I will be doing the half marathon for this go around,  with 6,799 others meeting the cap limit.  Another 4,000 spots for the marathon and 8k race making it a huge list of runners running for a total prize money of 26,000 dollars spread between all the races.  Set a new marathon course record and you get yourself a nice little check for 5,000 dollars, go 2:15 marathon runners!

I’ll be looking to take a few minutes off my 1:28 in May to set me up for a tight run at a sub- 3 hour marathon in Feburary in New orleans.   ( 1:25 goal time ), A crew of us will be heading down,  a few will be tackling the full marathon, all going for some fast times.  Looking forward to a fast day with no rain.